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Have any of you just finish breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a small snack? I bet right know, you feel energized, and ready to do anything, because of that meal, right? Well, some people don't have those energizing, nutritious meals. So many families right now, here in the United States, and around the world, are starving.

These families never know when they will get their next meal, maybe the next day, the next 5 days, or even the next week! Sometimes, its not "when", but "if" they will get any food. This issue might not affect you, sometimes, you don't even see it happening, but somwhere in the world, a country, a state, maybe even your own town, there is a family who is in desperate need of food. These famlies are an important part world, they need a good and healthy meal, all we need now is action. How will you help?

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